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CoWorks is unified serverless microservices framework on AWS tehcnologies.

Each atomic microservice (called TechMicroservice) is a simple python class deployed on the serverless Lambda product and composition of microservices (called BizMicroservice) is performed as a serverless workflow over the Step Function product. Other AWS products are used for logging, administrate, …

Get started with Installation and then get an overview with the Quickstart. Read FAQ for a quick presentation, a complete presentation can be found here.

Using and derived from Chalice and ideas from Flask-Classy.

What does microservice means in CoWorks?

In short, the microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms.

In Microservice Architecture, authors M. Amundsen, I. Nadareishvili, R. Mitra, and M. McLarty add detail to the definition by outlining traits microservice applications share:

  • Small in size
  • Messaging enabled
  • Bounded by contexts
  • Autonomously developed
  • Independently deployable
  • Decentralized
  • Built and released with automated processes

In CoWorks, microservices are serverless services over RestFULL resource APIs.

Small in size
Simply implemented as a python class.
Messaging enabled
HTTP request-response with AWS API Gateway and lightweight messaging with AWS SQS.
Service oriented
Technological service on Lambda and Functional service over Step Function.
Independently deployable
A single command line to deploy.
Serverless components.
Smart endpoints
Deriving directly from class methods.

Two levels of microservice

In CoWorks microservices are divided in two categories :

Small technical microservice

Implemented as a simple AWS lambda function, this kind of microservice a dedicated to technical operations over a specific service.

Here are some examples of predefined technical services in CoWorks :

  • Mail
  • Jinja templating
  • Odoo

Functional business microservice

Implemented over AWS Step Function, this kind of microservice allows non programmer to construct functional business workflows.

Here are some examples of predefined business services in CoWorks :

  • Alert
  • Reminder

Distinction between TechMicroservice and BizMicroservice is not only the granularity size but also:

  • TechMicroservice should be use only as receivers of orders coming from BizMicroservices.
  • A BizMicroservice represents a logical workflow of actions while a MicroService represents a simple concrete action.
  • A ThechMicroservice is an independant microservice while a BizMicroservice is connected to event handler (cron, notification, event, ..).
  • A ThecMicroservice is more a handler pattern and BizMicroservice a reactor pattern.

Taking part in the project

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Submitting pull requests

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